3D Hand And Foot Castings

Our 3D Casting are the perfect solution for those parents who want to capture every detail of their little ones hands or feet. We use hypo- allergenic and all natural materials, which is safe for sensitive skin. 

Each casting only takes minutes from start to finish. Once the castings are dry we will paint them in your chosen colour. We can put your little ones cast in a frame or on a plinth, which we have a range of different colours to choose from. 

We can also provide adults hand casts and family casts, which captures a precious moment and memory that will last a lifetime. Your hand casting session must be booked in advance.

Contact us for further information. 

Once the cast is dried and painted we will contact you, this can take up to 4 - 6 weeks.

Please visit our shop to pay a deposit online.

Single Hand Casting Framed

Double Hand Castings In Frame 

Triple Frame With Hand or Foot Casts And Photo 

Full Set With Photo And Name Plaque 

Adults Hand Cast On A Plinth 

Three Hands Cast On A Plinth